Monday, February 15, 2016

Beginning Another Chapter

In May I would never imagine to tell you this news without my ex being apart of it. Nine months ago, almost 10 I wouldn't have been able to tell you that I believed in myself. That I found hope. That I truly saw the magic of beginnings.

I was in a rut with my depression and scared. But here we are. My ex and I still spend time together and Ally still sees her father. I don't associate with his s/o because she is nothing but negative, vindictive, and blind. I have chosen to find my happy and to dive in.

I am so excited. I have waited all day to tell you guys the great news.

Today we were given the news that moving will total 1,019 dollars. I have a broken lease on my record from 2012 so this is actually pretty cheap. Ally and I will be moving two weeks from today. I am both excited and scared.

The rent will be much cheaper than that but this is a GREAT first step!

This is the first BIG step for us. She will be four in almost a week. She'll be starting school in the fall. It is just a year full of possibilities.

Also, my ex isn't going to be pushing for the divorce anytime soon. We have agreed that things are going decent enough that it isn't necessary to force that right now because of everything else I have going on. So that is a relief as well that I don't need to fuss over the divorce at this moment.

Here's to a fantastic 2016!


  1. Congrats on getting the apartment sweetie

  2. I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you got the apartment and extremely happy that it seems that your stress levels are lowering. I know you were really looking forward to being on your own. Now you've achieved your goal. Great job Hun.

  3. So exciting!! Congrats to you and Ally on getting a place of your own :)

  4. New homes are always so exciting!

  5. You've been quiet this week. Hope that means you are out having a fabulous time.

    Have a good weekend.


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