Sunday, February 7, 2016


It has been a week. Ally came home from her father's last Sunday not feeling the greatest. It was Monday that I thought she had a cold. She had a high fever by Wednesday that wouldn't go away and now here we are Sunday.

I am exhausted. I cannot stress enough how awesome single mom's are. I have always admired how much they work to be mom, dad, friend, provider, and everything in between. To be in that position now, I don't know how they do it everyday because I'm worn out.

I have pulled 12-14 hours shifts everyday since Friday. I clocked out this morning at 38 hours and I still have today to go. I'll be close to 45-50 for the week by the time I leave. I haven't slept much because Ally is having such a hard time breathing and waking up every few hours.

It was a year ago to this day that she was fighting this same infection.

It's been nothing but cuddles, misery, and cartoons here since Thursday. My check was really short so the last of my check was spent on more options for Ally. I am hoping this doesn't lead to the flu like it seems like it is trying to.

Unfortunately I'll be dragging out her Nebulizer later today to see if that will help her breathe. It will be awhile before I am done being upset about this but for now I am going to hold my baby and watch some cartoons.

I also cannot stress enough how awesome my family is to watch her while I'm at work, to answer my endless texts checking up on her, and to be there for me. They have helped me so much since I moved back and I am glad that support is there.

Fourteen hours of work is done, it's 5:30 am, I am exhausted. Time for this momma to get some sleep with her princess.


  1. Get some rest. We don't want you to get sick too.

    Take care.

  2. Oh that poor girl, and poor Momma!! Family is the best and you are lucky that they are so good to help you out. I hope you got caught up on some sleep and still hoping that Ally is feeling better!


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