Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Full Circle

As someone not involved it is almost amusing to watch everything unfold. I don't know the situation as I have stayed out of it but I will say this: Anytime something is going wrong in K's life or in regards to my ex it is guaranteed not her fault. Never in the four years that she has been determined to make my life hell has she ever owned up. I realized tonight by cutting her out of my life how much negativity I dropped in that one action alone.

While B has had her own faults she truly is trying to get her life together. No, I haven't spoke to her but only followed her on her journey. But from what I can see she is focused on her future. 

Both of these ladies have created drama just as I have had my moments. The only thing all three of us have in common is we are strongly opinionated and have no problem voicing our opinions. But when does your opinion become you creating drama out of nothing?

Many of you already know of my journey and the long road it took me to get here. As I watch K make stabs when B isn't for once I can't help but wonder why she is so insecure? She's spent months defending her "Relationship" with my ex. She is living with him again. She has a child with him who holds more importance than his daughter with me.

So if you have all of those things why resort to social media to defend yourself?

If everything is as set in stone as you say it is then why are you letting something so small ruffle your feathers? I mean, you've had him all along, right?

It's the same reason why I wonder he hasn't filed the divorce. I mean if he hated me so much then why is he procrastinating the divorce? If she is the one and you are both making good money now why wait?

I have been hitting a point of reflection as I enter this new stage of my life. I still have a few blog posts to catch up on from Ally being ill. I am still doing the Self-Care challenge but haven't been able to blog about it. This is the first post that hasn't been a quick post.

I hope to fully get caught up on blogging Wednesday as I have two days off. It is nice to have a place to get things off my chest.

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  1. Karma always takes care of things, just sit back and watch. :)


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