Friday, February 5, 2016

Gratitude & An Experiment

I am grateful for Allisun. She is my miracle child. A year ago today she was fighting against this same virus and it was terrifying. She has been such a trooper eating what her tummy can handle and letting me obsess over her temperature. I seriously am thankful for her everyday.

I am grateful that I have a job. While stressful it does bring me joy and it's in a field that I never thought I would have worked in before. I am working hard everyday to get to my goal of management.

I am grateful for support systems especially family. I cannot express enough how amazing my family is for watching Ally so I don't have to put her in daycare. Since plans fell through this weekend they are watching her for me even though she is ill.

I am grateful for friends that keep my spirits up. I can be having the worst day and it takes one conversation to turn it around.

I am going to be doing this and making it a daily practice. As you guys know since I left my husband in May I have been on a soul searching of sorts and working towards being much happier in my life. I believe that by finding happiness even in moments of anger I can achieve this.

Of course there will still be bad days but I can channel that negative energy into positive energy. I am also going to be getting my Chrysalis Tarot out and starting my drawings again.

Bright Blessings!


  1. Wonderful list and hope she is feeling better soon

  2. That is terrible your girl is still sick!! Poor thing! And I think that is a great practice to get into, thinking of 3 positive things every day, every one should do it :)

  3. I do a "3-Things" list in my journal every day.


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