Thursday, February 4, 2016

One Sick Princess

Today has been exhausting for both Ally & I. I am officially in the 5 week training program to become a team lead. During this program you are only allowed one day off. I am thankful for such a supportive family system that is willing to cancel their plans for the weekend to watch Ally. We spent four hours this morning at the ER because RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) is highly contagious especially in Toddlers and Infants.

RSV is fancy for an Upper Respiratory Infection. The only reason I have been such a wreck is because the last time she had this it turned into Flu B. If you are a parent then you know watching someone stick your 2 year old in the foot with a needle to take blood is no fun. I don't wish to go through that again.

She caught it due to exposure. So it's been a day of coughs, chest congestion, wheezing, fever, chills, burning up. Also, Apple Juice, Popsicles, and Soup.

All Ally heard was that she could eat as many Popsicles as her heart desired to help with the sore throat. Instead of remaining angry at the fact that this could of been prevented I am sticking with my thought that whatever happens with her father I can't stop. I have to just start over when she's back home with me.

Unfortunately it just has to run its course. The good part about being back into a nicer city is that I can take her to Cooks Children and know she'll receive the best care possible. The doctor was kind enough to let me know that common cold medicine usually doesn't do anything and to continue with Tylenol.

I am just ready for her to be herself. I love my wild child even if she's a runt at times.


  1. I hope she gets better soon.

  2. I'm sorry she is ill. Hope she gets better soon!

  3. I hope your girl is feeling better today. Nothing worse than a sick child!


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