Sunday, February 14, 2016


I am really thankful that I am no longer under control. That I no longer have to ask for permission or to post about every little thing I am doing to justify that my life is indeed happening. No, I choose what I wish to share. I don't post to snub and I don't post that I am resorting to ultimatums.

I keep my life private because that is best. I am happy that life is moving forward and that I am doing that as well. My journey has been rough but I am thankful for the constant support.

I talk to who I want, do what I want, and don't worry at all about anyone but myself. I have tried making amends but right now life is great and I don't wish it to go anywhere. I don't need validation from anyone or to ask permission.

I am taking risks and moving forwards. I stumble backwards but that always stay private. I will never need to post what I did or did not do just to be a child.

Some people could learn from that and also what they assume they are in before posting all about it.

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