Thursday, February 4, 2016

Self-Care: Do You Want A Apple Or A Banana?

Think back to a previous attempt to make a positive self-care change that didn't work out so well.  Maybe it was an old new year resolution or a birthday motivated change that you wanted to make. Try looking back at the unsuccessful attempt dispassionately - in other words, from a neutral perspective as if you are analyzing the actions of another person you are NOT emotionally connected to.  Write about it, how long you stuck with it, what got in the way, how you may have reasoned your way out of it.

My weight-loss has always been a yo-yo for me. I get angry at myself because I didn't lose x amount of pounds or I failed this or that challenge. I started doing the six month shape up challenge in January and realized that it isn't about the pounds lost but the momentum gained. It is also a mental journey that I am on.

Write about what feelings may have gotten in the way of you making that change.  Maybe it had to do with frustration at an un-supportive partner, or you feeling not worthy of making the change, or feelings of guilt about disrupting the course of the day with your goal.

As they say, you are your own worst enemy. I get in my own way and I'll be the first to admit I am really negative. I work on being more positive everyday and watching my words. Sometimes I do lash out but I am getting better at it becoming less frequent.

Now I want you to take that perspective and write about how it will be different this time because you understand the dynamics of emotion interfering with the facts and what your plan is to deal with those emotions that might get in the way.

It really is different this time. I am working on the journey as a whole this year. I am not looking at the pounds but at the life I am gaining. Everything I do that I don't normally is an achievement. I went on a 5 MILE HIKE. That is HUGE for me because I am usually a very lazy person. This journey is about becoming a new me and forgiving myself for the past.

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