Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Self-Care: Here and Now

I want you to write what the quote, "The truth about forever is that it is happening right now" means to you.  Identify if you are someone who lives in the future, in other words..."I'll be happy when...I lose weight, get a relationship, get that job, start walking every day, eat better..."  Do you hold off being happy, waiting for the perfect 'thing' to happen?  Write about why you do that and how that is a disservice to you and your self-care/love.

I very much live in the future. I always look towards where I am going especially in those moments where the past catches up and starts to push me backwards. I tend to hold off on being happy but I am starting to learn that I deserve happiness and only I can make myself happy.

Now, I want you to write to yourself why it is a good idea to put off being happy - yes, you read that right.  Can you come up with a valid argument to live in the future rather than the present?  If you can't - admit it, acknowledge you do that and write a commitment from this day forward that you won't.

I started to write an argument but then I spent some time thinking about it and no, you shouldn't back burner your happiness until the perfect thing has happened.

From this moment on, I Felicia, promise not to put off my happiness for something that is in the future.  I promise to value each moment, to live in the present, and when I find myself wandering, to come back and acknowledge I'm worth living here and now.

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