Friday, February 5, 2016

Self-Care: Your Brain Is Listening

List any and all of these negative things you say to yourself, regardless of how hateful or ugly they are, even the ones you believe...leave space when you are done with the list in case more come up at a later time.  Be honest here, no one is looking over your shoulder. No one is perfect, we all occasionally...or frequently, say unkind things to ourselves.

1) I'm fat
2) I'm worthless
3) I am not worthy of love because my husband chose other woman
4) I am not of importance because people don't check in on me often
5) I feel lonely because sleeping alone is the hardest thing I've ever done
6) I feel like a failure as a mother sometimes because I don't know how to be a father and a mother

Now, think about this.  When we say something negative about ourselves in front of others, the subconscious desire is that the 'others' will contradict the negative and say something positive.  My question is:  why not just say those positive things to yourself and skip the middle man - who may very well be disingenuous? I want you to take those negative things and write a positive contradiction for each one.

1) I am working every day to lose the weight
2) Ally needs me to be strong and she sees value in me so I am not worthless
3) I married the wrong person, love is still out there. I just haven't found my person yet.
4) My blog lovelies, my family, and friends all check in on me daily even if I don't see that
5) Ally is always by my side and it may not be the comfort I thought I needed but truthfully it is
6) I am taking being a single parent day by day and that's all that I can do.


  1. Good for you! You should delete that first list and just keep the second :)

  2. Great job! Now, write out the second list and post it on the fridge.


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