Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Man Who Came To The Rescue

Yesterday my parents and I went went yard sailing to find furniture for the apartment. We ended up at an estate sale and I found the most beautiful couch. It's a reclining couch and later found out it was a Lazy Boy couch. When we went it I saw that it was priced at 300. Then I was told it was half-off. I had to purchase it.

I didn't think about it being the end of the month when I tried to rent a Uhaul truck. I called friends all whom where busy on a Saturday afternoon. I ended up calling my ex and he said he'd be there to help.

I wasn't sure he would help with how Kristina gets but he did. My brother helped him move it back to parents until Monday. Then we went out to eat, afterwards heading to Goodwill to see if we could snag a few more things for the apartment.

After we were all done we headed back to my grandma's. We were able to talk for a bit before he had to head back. These small moments remind me how we used to be and sometimes I miss that.

It' been like Deja Vu with my MIL and Kris. Now that Kris is confirmed pregnant her any my MIL appear to be closer than ever. There is so much hypocrisy surrounding this but I've kept my opinions to myself about it, I almost feel sorry for my ex having four kids. But this is his mess and if false happiness is the way to go then I suppose that is all you. I am feeling much better about everything and today will be spent packing.

Moving day is tomorrow! Ally is stoked and it will be a day of jitters for both of us. We won't be able to sleep a wink tonight. I am feeling much better about the closing of my marriage. I will not be filing the divorce anytime soon as we need to adjust to our new apartment. I am beyond excited to see our little place come together. As much as I wanted my husband I am starting to feel more confident as a single mother.


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