Thursday, March 17, 2016

Big Day

Today is the day. The day the last 11 months Had been moving towards. I didn't imagine myself as a single mother or working in the food industry.

Many have bashed me because I work fast food but truthfully? Its a hard place to work. Its my job to make sure your order is out fast and made correctly. I have to find myself in a good mood even when my body is sore or I've had a long night.

Its my job to inspire my daughter. To show Ally she doesn't need a man to keep her going. She doesn't need "family" that is only there when convienent to them.

I have worked more than I've slept. I spent so much time studying and I feel more assured than ever that I do have this.

I am no longer bound by the emotional grip my ex had on me. I had the strength to say I'm done and walk away. While disaster had followed him, it hasn't followed me.

Today I will test for Team lead which will get better pay. This is a huge milestone for us. Here's to us baby girl. So many people said we couldn't do it but we did.

Mommy loves you sweet princess. 😘


  1. You are doing a great job! Can't wait to hear how you got along with your test!


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