Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lack of Maturty

I've kept true to my word lately and stayed of all the business surrounding these two women. Both are high risk pregnancies and cannot afford the stress and hassle. B has moved forward starting over with her life. It is not the path she wanted but it is the path that will provide a better life for Damian.
K on the other hand is constantly stirring up problems. She has to post most everything concerning J because she feels so threatened she'll lose him. If you have him truly then there is nothing to defend.
This right here shows the childishness surrounding this whole situation. You don't know the circumstances that have caused these events to happen. Would you want others posting your business like this?
Can you step outside of your selfishness for one second and see how hurtful you are being? This is exactly why i dont want my daughter To have anything to do with you. This may be okay for your daughter but not mine.
Have some self respect. Enjoy your happiness but stop stomping on everyone else.
To clear up matters concerning Damian's name. This is the name J wanted for his FIRST SON regardless who the mother was. It is the name he has told every woman he has been with he wanted. He first told me TEN years ago. Get over it. B is having his son first.

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