Tuesday, March 15, 2016


It is funny to see things from an outsiders point of view. I used to be the one that blabbed my business and was quick to throw others under the bus. Now? I'm living my life for my daughter which is way more than what others can say.

At what point does the pettiness stop? I don't get into my husbands business because I'm smart enough to know that he is always going to do as he pleases.

Both of you believe he'll be with you. He was married and still is yet is with multiple people. At some point you have to realise you're alone and always will be.

It took awhile but I opened my eyes and now I'm rocking being a single mom. You can do it too.

Stop trying so hard to use leverage neither of you have and grow the fuck up. Sorry for the language but its time.

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