Friday, April 29, 2016


I am amazed at how selfish some people are. According to said persons logic I was supposed to put my daughter's life at risk tonight. My husband worked a long shift and was beyond dirt tired. He chose to rest after almost getting into two accidents just trying to get here safely. Instead of being heartless I chose to let him rest on my couch while Ally and I slept in my room. I can't sleep So I've been cleaning house quietly until I'm ready to crash. I am So tired of empty threats, jealously, and insecurity.

My husband and I are finally Co-parenting successfully. We work around each others schedules and are actually close friends. We've let bygones be bygones and moved forward for Ally. Its been so much smoother since we reached common ground. We both know just because being married didn't work doesn't mean that we can't still remain friends.

We aren't divorced so I'm not his "ex wife" just yet but keep hoping it will happen soon. We've both chosen to move on and find happiness in our paths. Well still be there for each other no matter what. After all you don't just toss away ten years together.

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