Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cleaning: Part Three

With this promotion being on a set schedule will be the best thing for Ally and I. I am going to start getting us in the habit of starting our day by no later than 8 am. This will provide structure and make it much easier for Ally when she starts school.

I have been researching cleaning schedules and I have found one that I think will work for us.

I love this because it is simplistic yet also detailed. I also like the idea of doing a set part of laundry each day instead of what I usually do which is all of it once a week. This is plenty for me do and it will also help to organize our home. This will our new schedule starting as soon as we are done decluttering and deep cleaning.

I have a dry erase board that will have the daily chores listed on it and Ally will be receiving chores to start doing now as well. While she is home with mommy she needs more structure. I plan to do just that.

This is what I have for Ally. She will also have a reward system each week. If she has completed all of her chores by Saturday she will earn one new item of her choosing. The ones I've marked out are the ones that she will not be able to do because of where we live.

This is all about simplifying our lives and getting structure for our family.

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