Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Dramatic End To An Already Long Day

Today I pulled a 15 hour shift. My body is worn out but luckily I have the next two days off. This time will be spent cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping and relaxing.

There was unnecessary drama started all because someone can't be mature. My husband works long hours and is usually up around 4-5 am for work. Me and B both know not to wake him unless its an absolute emergency. It is very disrespectful to hang up on someone and then snoop through their phone.

Despite this spurt of drama I am glad to be away from it. I'll be spending the day with Ally and preparing my date night on Saturday. Its such a freeing feeling not feeding into the drama.

If your relationship is so secure there wouldn't be a need to constantly justify it. Someday you'll open your eyes and stop playing victim because it is you who starts the drama to begin with.

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