Friday, April 8, 2016

Full Story

I'm tired of half stories. I'm tired of the constant stabs. You claim we're immature yet we moved on with our lives. I dont answer to anyone and I definitely don't rely on anyone. You want the whole story? Here we go ladies and gents. Grab your popcorn and get comfy. This will be the LAST post on this subject.

Way back in 2011 the Friday after graduation my MIL and then fiance picked me up from Fort Worth. I left everything. My dad froze my bank account and it was a huge fight. We eventually got the money and used my last check to buy a car from my mil's friend.

In July my MIL gave me a pregnancy test to take. It was an instant positive.

Fast forward to January. We married on Friday on the 13th. During this time Joey and I shared everything. We had no secrets.

Ally was born in February. I couldn't even handle the drive down the dirt road so my parents took me in.

March 2012 I was hired at Goodwill and found an apartment. Joey moved in with me. We lived together for 5 months. I panicked over money, threw him out, and tried to manage the apartment. He went back to what he knew was easy. Insert K.

We spent some time apart and eventually decided to try again to fix our marriage. I found a slew of dirty pics from K who knew he was married. I moved back to Bowie and he put distance with K.

We were on again, off again with our marriage for awhile. In July of 2014 he came to me wanting his family, claiming that rumors of K being pregnant were a lie. I moved back as his WIFE yet K still insisted on sending pics and sleeping with him. Even going so far as to dress in lingerie and be fucked outside of our house. Buying numerous hotel rooms.

When I** was born I helped care for her as K rushed back to work. Not even taking a full materinity leave to bond with her child.

On Ally's third birthday I was locked out of MY bedroom as my husband fucked her while dumping my step-daughter onto me to care for. When her daughter was crying for her mother I walk into my bedroom to find K missing her pants and bra.

In May of 2015 I left him for the last time. I was tired of another woman pushing her way into my family, trying to be step mother to a child she had no right to.

I have made numerous attempts to get along with K and put aside differences. But to no avail. So I moved on with my life. I went and got myself an apartment. I pay my bills. I take care of my daughter.

So all of this pettiness is centered around the fact that you're life isn't what you want. You claim to be engaged but that ring seems awfully tight. J has made NO MOVE to file the divorce and has no plans to. We've made a civil agreement between ourselves and are both moving on with our lives.

And now we have the kettle calling the pot black because J has pics that are months old on his phone. You call her a slut but what are you? Just another home wrecking piece of white trash. MOVE along and find something else to gossip about because this subject is closed.

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