Friday, April 15, 2016


Unfortunately Jimmy won't be able to stay here. He destroyed my apartment and I realize I don't have the room for him. Ally will be upset but well be working to get her a kitty instead.

Work was horrendous. The rush started at 4 pm and didn't stop until almost 11. Ally is gone for her weekend with Daddy which is good for her. She needs the time.

Pending he doesn't bail and he informs his s/o Ally will be spending 3 weekends in June and all of July with her father. I've mailed a letter letting him know what day I'll picking up Ally for my time with her. I was able to drive from Alvord to Fort Worth without falling asleep so hopefully I can survive the drive to Bowie to pick up Allisun.

I am thankful to have found Melatonin. It keeps my mind and thoughts at bay. It puts the nightmares to rest and allows me to just rest.

Time to sleep and wake up to clean house. Deeper in depression more so than I have ever been. I really fucked up a lot today and lost a close friend. Tomorrow I'll have to text J's s/o to check on Ally and fingers crossed there will be No issue with that.

Bright Blessings, this momma is out to catch up on sleep.


  1. Sorry your dog can't stay. But there's just something so sweet about a little girl and a kitten.

  2. With a life as busy as yours is I think a little kitty would be a better choice, though the dog was super cute!


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