Saturday, April 2, 2016

Taking a different Approach

We've been in the apartment for a month. Can't believe how time has gone by! Tomorrow my baby comes home and I'm excited. It'll be a shower then cuddles until work. I also have a surprise planned for her.

I've decided to try to start taking melatonin because not sleeping is doing more harm than good right now. I've averaged maybe 7-10 hours of solid sleep the last week or so. Other than that its been cat naps. I also found out about some bath salts that are just for aches and pains so I'll be starting that as well.

The hours are already proving long with this promotion but after stretching money, the extra will really help.

After getting chewed out again (surprise, surprise) I am going to be silent towards my ex about anything concerning Ally. When I do try to step up and be the bigger person it turns into a fight.

I took a different approach this weekend and didn't pack up Ally like I usually do. I read through the paperwork and did some research, I am not required to provide anything other than Ally. Anything of here that she does take is considered my property and therefore has to be returned to me.

Unless it is an absolute necessity or something Ally would like to take it isn't getting packed. Her ears are healed fully and we are ready to transition into a new pair of earrings. Silly girl just hasn't found a pair she is attached to yet.

Overall life is pretty great. I've got some cleaning to do but Ally and I will get that done soon enough. Murphy will be returning to my sister today.

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