Monday, April 18, 2016

The Life Of A Single Mom

I feel very pulled to share a little bit of my journey and what I've been going through in the last year. This isn't a pity party at all but instead a celebration. We are quickly approaching a year since I left my husband.

The day I decided to move to Fort Worth I gave him a choice to pick his family. Even though everything was packed up I gave him the choice to pick Ally and I over her. Instead he was ready to leave her on our bed with her daughter.

My sister helped me get a job immediately. I have never let anything stop me from making money. My mother worked through all 3 of her pregnancies so saying you can't work is a copout. I had a hard time finding someone that would hire me at 5 months pregnant because I would only be working a short while before Ally was due.

My one year anniversary with Whataburger will be May 8th. It has been the hardest job I've worked by far. It has paid off though because I'm now a manager.My body is constantly worn out and I always feel tired. When I look around and realise how fortunate we are.

We no longer depend on someone else to provide for us. I'm not bouncing between my in-laws, parents, and grandmas. I have my own home for Ally and I. I pay our bills and save.

I have days just like anyone else where my mind slips and I wonder what would have happened but I've decided not to be that person. I no longer want to be a bitter so I've started making amends.

We have one month until go on Vacation and I can't wait. Here's to a beautiful life full of love and laughter.

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  1. Good for you!! You have grown so much in the last year and while it was a rough road it brought you to where you are now. :)

    Oh and do you watch Better Call Saul? I am pretty sure they mentioned Whataburger in the episode I watched last night :)


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