Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Special Day Ahead

Today we are celebrating Mother's Day since I work tomorrow. Before I get started on the festivities for the day let me tell you what happened this morning.

Damian has been hell bent on making his presence known. He up at twoish this morning kicking his momma. I was able to feel him moving around and even felt a few kicks.

I cannot wait to meet this handsome angel. Can it be July already??

Yesterday while I was at work Brittany was sweet enough to clean the apartment for me. Since that task doesn't need done were gonna make this a full blown girls day.

Now into today. Ally and I will be getting dressed up and heading out to a nice lunch with my family. After lunch Ally, B, and I will be off to the Botanical Gardens.

I already have a gorgeous dress for her and I treated myself to a new dress (SIZE LARGE) which I am over the moon about. I will getting some beautiful pictures of Ally and I at the gardens.

Then well come home to relax. Once it gets cooler outside we'll be heading to the pool as it officially opened today.

Unfortunately the truck didn't pan out but this just means there's an even better opportunity ahead.

Here's a to a wonderful day spent in celebration. (:

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  1. That is too bad about the truck but things happen for a reason, there must be something better waiting for you :) That was so nice of her to clean for you, I know when someone helps me clean I think it is the nicest thing they can do for me! I hate cleaning :( haha


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