Thursday, May 5, 2016

Busy Day Ahead

Were eliminating Joey from our lives and focusing on us. I've already made arrangments this morning regarding the future and what will happen with Allisun. My only interest is for Ally's health and well being since her father doesn't care then we aren't going to involve him going forward.

If I'm not off by 11 Ally stays the night. I got off at 130 and went home to clean house. This morning all that is needed is for me to vacuum today and put away laundry before work.

I haven't been to bed yet because Ally has her doctor's appointment first thing this morning. Were hoping to find out what's behind this horrid cough.

After this shell be visiting my sister's boyfriend for awhile and then I'll be on my way to work. I'm already at 23 hours in 2 days so a 50 hour check will be easily accomplished by the end of Sunday.

Here's to a great day spent celebrating our independence from emotional abuse. We are good enough and are worthy of a beautiful future.

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