Thursday, May 5, 2016

Drama, Drama, Drama

You can't ruin someone's day when they are the only that start the fight. I chose once again to be the bigger person and let him know how his daughter was doing. You know the kid we made together?

Then K wants so bad to be on his good side that she's willing to try to start shit but Oh no she doesn't snoop.

Get this through your thick I dont want your man. Not in the slighest. If he would sign off his rights and leave us be Id be the happiest woman in the world.

This whole spurt of crap makes no sense. This is the exact reason I want my daughter as far away from Bowie. It is filled with nothing but negativity, two faced people, Drama, and complete bullshit.

You say I'm the one starting shit but look who cussed me out today. I'm done. Leave Ally and I alone and grow up.

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