Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fed Up

I'm placing a huge amount of distance between J and I. I am so tired of K and Bella having more importance than Ally. You would think if your daughter was under the weather youd place more interest in her health and well being. Not blow me off, ignore my texts, and calls. So I'm done. You dont care about her then I dont care to answer my phone when you finally decide to place a care in the world.
I understand you work and your job is demanding but hey so is mine. Yet I still make time to send a quick text asking how your well being is and letting you know how our daughter is doing.
I've made it almost a year without you. I've survived K, you disappearing with B for a month and a half, and both of them winding up pregnant. Soon enough there will be priority for the divorce but right now accomplishing my goals is more important than taking the final steps to have you out of my life for good.
I've tried so hard to let go and move forward. Some days thats easier said than done. I get jealous and I am still trying to completely get you out of my heart but after constantly being blown off because you're at work (which is understandable) or you're busy with her has made me finally snap.
I'm frustrated beyond belief because every since K took jealously to a whole new level after I loaned my couch to you, you've ignored me at every level. So what's it going to be?

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  1. I would feel just like you do if I were in your shoes... doesn't take much time to send a text. Hope things end up working out how you want <3


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