Thursday, May 26, 2016


I'm beyond furious. How can a mother threaten another person's child? Then threaten to tear apart two sisters?

This is beyond childish and you are beyond ignorant. Every little piece of karma you are getting bit by bit is well deserved.

I only giggled because you were pouting like a jealous child because you couldn't get some damn ice cream.

Hopefully you'll remain in your place and leave my daughter alone because rest assured she has any marks and my next stop will be the police station.

Then on top of threatening my daughter you tell me you're going to sever her relationship with her sister?

That is beyond pathetic and I hope when Ally seeks answers her half-sister tells her what a piece of shit her mother is.

I've had my moments over the last two years but for the most I've left you alone. I've moved forward but enough is enough.

Thanks for sealing the deal for the restraining order soon to come. Have fun explaining that one.

Did you really think sleeping with a married man would lead to your happily ever after?

Silly girl you were doomed from the start. I'm breaking my silence and refusing to be okay with my child being treated poorly.

He moved on. Get over it. Take your ice cream, grab your big girl pants, and move the fuck on. See you're not wanted and move on.

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