Monday, May 9, 2016

My Home Has Been Brittany'd

In just three days Brittany has began nesting in my house. Its quickly became our home. Tonight we tackled my dinosaur tv and moved the living room around.

Ally is growing more and more curious about Damian. Unlike with her other sibling Ally is actually welcome to be apart of the process. She'll be going with us to the next Doctors appointment and hopefully getting to see a picture of him and watch him move around.

Brittany and I are being respectful of Ally and leaving it as her meeting a new friend. Not a sibling because I've seen the damage caused from forcing a relationship that doesn't exist.

Today was Brittany's first day alone with Ally and it was a hit. Ally's best friend is back and she couldn't be happier. Brittany and I are so excited for the kids to get to know each other and for Ally to be a big helper.

So far the medications seem to be helping and hopefully when we return to the doctor next visit week we'll have real answers as to what's causing her symptoms.

Joey will be picking her up Thursday for his weekend. I'm off Saturday so Brittany and I will be treating ourselves to a girl's day out. Thinking about heading to the movies.

Overall this transition is easy peasy. Only time will tell how this will go in the future. Its nice to have a great friend in the house and the house not be so lonely.


  1. Hope things work out well.

  2. I hadn't even thought of how confusing it would be for Ally with the new baby. I wouldn't have a clue on how to deal with that! Hope you gals enjoy your girls day next weekend!


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