Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Relaxing Day

Ally still isn't feeling well. Were home after having breakfast with my little brother this morning. We have an arsenal of Honey, Ibuprofen, and Cough Meds. It will be a day of cuddles. Although it isn't good that she's sick the cuddles sure are sweet. Hoping that an easy day spent in bed with cartoons is just what she needs.

I usually average around 2 hours of sleep a day with an hour or so car nap before work. Last night was the first night in three weeks that I've gotten off early from work and crashed. I was able to get around 7 hours of solid sleep. I still feel tired but I know this is from overall how little I sleep.

In the next two months I am going to be getting a car. This is all I need right now. We go on Vacation in a month to San Marcos. I can't wait to get away for awhile.

I am fast tracking to manager in 6-8 weeks. I am only required to be a team leader for 6 weeks before moving up again.

The divorce is on hold on my end. Getting a car, Ally ready for school, and vacation are my only priorities right now.

Life is getting better and better. I'm learning to love life and appreciate every moment along the way.

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  1. I hope the day in bed helped Ally feel better! And life sounds very exciting for you right now!! :)


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