Monday, May 9, 2016

Shape-Up Week 18

Height: 5'1
BMI: 38.1 (Obese)
Starting Weight: 194.4
Last Week's Weigh In: 205.6
This Week: 203.8
Change: -1.8

Since January I've gained almost 10 pounds and I know a lot of this was due to stress. I am hoping to see the 190s again soon.

I have working hard on getting my diet in check especially at work. The exercise is still a work in progress.

Brittany is making sure Ally and I get into the habit of breakfast. We went grocery shopping yesterday and it was a healthy trip for us. 

Eventually I'll find my rhythm and get into a groove. For now making small changes is still progress.


  1. I've gained 10 pounds since January too! I'm still searching for a better plan. But hopefully I will start losing soon.

  2. I am trying to get into a breakfast habit right now too. It is hard after a whole life of not eating breakfast but I am trying :) And congrats on the lose!!


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