Sunday, June 5, 2016

Attention Seekers

It seems there needs to be some clarity because obviously the point hasn't come across.

I don't care.

Wow. It was that simple of a statement. I've moved on in life and finding out that you felt the need to cause Brit stress while I was off pulling a 12 hour shift is ridiculous.

In case you forgot Brittany is 34 weeks pregnant. Stress isn't good at all for Damian.

No one has caved or reacted to your need to blast every single damn detail of the nonexistent life you have.

You're not the first to have a broken heart and certainly not the last. 

You taking someone's phone and deleting pictures of their children is beyond petty. This mess has created a lot of damage but there's no need to bring the children into it let alone Joey's family. Especially putting words into his mothers mouth. I'm sure she can speak for herself and there is some truth to it but unless its heard from the horse's mouth there's no need to open yours.

We've all worked to move forwards. If I (The wife) can accept that my soon to be ex husband has happily moved on then you the (home wrecker, "s/o", ex) can as well.

Even when Brit and I are moving on with our lives you still find some way to try to ruin that. Well sweetheart it doesn't work anymore.

Find a new hobby because starting shit in my life isn't gonna work. Now this momma is off to get her three hours in before possibly heading back to work. 

Bright Blessings.

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