Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Best Friend Day 2016

Today is National Best Friend Day and I thought I would take this time to reflect and give a shout out to a gorgeous gal,

This gal has been there for me throughout the last four years. We have had our ups and downs but she is go to for everything. We can stay in and stay up all night or go out and find trouble to cause. I am so glad she came home even if it wasn't under the best of circumstances.

Now she is on her path to happiness and I'm here to support that 100%. Its been a learning curve for both of us but together are finding our way through this crazy thing called life. I am so glad to have her as my roommate and for her help pushing me forward in my weight loss journey.

We have been avoiding trying to explain to Ally about her getting a little brother but she is such a smart cookie. Today Brit and I sat her down and explained to her as simple as we could. She kind of understands but not fully. This brings about an odd sense of closure because Ally now knows that her Daddy is with Brit. She also knows that mommy isn't upset about it. All she focused on was making sure I was okay and then bursting about excitement over having a brother.

If you look closely there is an Ally in her "tent". She has blossomed so much lately and is getting better with her attitude. She has her moments but she is improving everyday. She is keeping up with her chore list and learning the days of the week.

I am so happy that we are teaching Ally not to have a bitter heart. While having our big girl talk she let us know that K told her that she didn't like Brit. Brit and I are thankful that we have the maturity not to bash K to Ally because while Ally is involved in the situation to a certain extent, she isn't the one to talk trash to and hope the message gets passed along.

I can't wait for August to get here and watch her take off and learn so much and make new friends.

Life has been a roller coaster but its a beautiful pace. I am so excited to have such a strong support system. Life is beautiful and I am so thankful for all of my friends and family.

Bright Blessings


  1. Looks like you are all on the right track!

  2. Your happiness is shining through and glad the talk with Ally went ok.

  3. Cute picture of you guys and Ally in her tent! Kids are so smart, better for hear it from you guys than someone else. And I think it is really great for her to see that you guys can all get along :)


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