Saturday, June 25, 2016

Body Confidence & Moving Forward

I am most definitely not letting my mood be crushed. The previous post was removed but that is the last time I remove a post. I've made great strides towards keeping the peace and finding my happiness. I've tried my hardest to make amends for the sake of the children but that isn't enough so I focus strictly on my daughter and I. MY blog is about MY life, My journey, and MY path towards true happiness.

I have a date tonight. The first one I've had since November. Nobody is ruining my day today. If you are set to be dramatic then remove yourself. Today is going to be great and not a damn person is stomping on that.

I am DONE putting myself on the back burner for others. If you aren't here to support me and better me then bye Felicia. I am all about supporting others but I am done being walked all over and used.

I have been letting a lot of outside influences into my head lately. I have felt like myself when I was younger. Allowing myself to be bullied and feel ashamed. Am I where I want to be? Not at all but I am making a commitment to get there.

Having someone take interest in me even though I am not necessarily a twig made my night. I don't know if we'll even connect with it being a first date but I do know that I am taking strides to move forwards and I don't plan to back step.

I am not going to tolerate any more names. This me. I bounce between 196-206. I know I haven't put the effort in to lose the weight but that's going to change. I have found my fire and soon I'll be trying a 3 day Itworks sample and ordering my supply from there.

Today will be spent with my mini getting this house back in order and attacking laundry. It's my last day for this pay week and then back to grind. Three days off have been fantastic despite the small bumps in the road. 


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