Saturday, June 18, 2016


Since its been made apparent that I will receive no financial help for the place I am providing rent free at the moment, there will changes made. When your finances are set on providing some nasty form a date night instead of helping to get groceries for your family for the week, that clears up a lot for me. I won't be saying a word though. Instead I will be silent. Nobody but me will know my next move from now on. Just realize that I will not have my home or family threatened again nor will I deal with put downs. I survived your abuse game once before and I won't be subject to it again.

Our day is off to a start already but its going to a slow day until work. Rest assured I won't be played the fool and I will have the last laugh.

There will be changes made and a serious effort towards finding work will happen for Joey. I don't plan to speak to Joey today unless he approaches me first respectfully. Since he seems to think my money is for him and it isn't. I'm not Kris. I don't just hand over my money for someone to take advantage of and blow.

I am going to focus on Ally and I and not say anything to anyone. I see where priorities lie and where it is the same game all over again. So much for Kris being broke and not having the gas to see you. Shady shady. We'll see where the next few weeks lead us all.

Bright Blessings Everyone, be aware.


  1. Good for you for being aware of what is going on. I am pretty sure you aren't the same girl he used to know :)

  2. brava girl. You know he's been exposed to a great deal of negativity for a long time and presently, it has become the norm. Not that is an excuse but he uses what is comfortable and a behavior that has been learnt and doesnt quite get that that behavior is wrong. You have a fight on your hands my friend but I know you will win.


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