Saturday, June 18, 2016


Sitting here talking to Brit this morning I have come to the odd realization. The very realization I never thought I would come to. I don't love Joey anymore. Honestly, I never loved him. I loved the idea of him. The idea of the man I thought I knew before running away with him. The man that wanted a family to provide for. That wanted the honest life.

Not this man I know now. The man caught in lies, deceit, and betrayal. The man so wrapped up in own demons he has each woman clinging to him. Just a few weeks ago Kris was doing nothing but posting how eager she was to be away from him, coming to me for help, and trying to get out. Turns out it was all a game for selfish reasons.

With how caught up everyone is in this mess, it makes me wonder why? Why is he able to so easily grab a hold of each us and press us under his thumb? He has nothing right now. Just his last check which apparently is going towards expenses for Kris. To me, this is bullshit because I am the one that is providing him a place to stay. Food to eat. Internet to play his game, talk to his, and look for work.

I have never cared who he was so long as he was happy. It did hurt while we were still trying to salvage our marriage but now I truly don't care anymore. I just know Brit is the only thing holding him here. I personally wish he was still in Arkansas because at least then he wasn't turning Ally's and my life upside down.

Now we are caught all up in his web of lies. Kris is back to sneaking around with him. He's supposed to be strictly using that time to spend with Izzy but turns out its more than that. Brit is trying to keep their relationship together but she's breaking down under the weight that he isn't being truthful.

Kris is such a hypocrite.

Both women stand nothing but pain and hurt as he uses each other for his own gain. Me? I won't be privy to that any longer. I worked hard over the last year not to stumble and get back with him. I worked hard to achieve my own kingdom and I won't see that destroyed just because I take control of my home.

We'll see what happens when he gets home and if he's truthful about what has happened with Kris. Whether its just her being desperate or her being truthful. Only time will tell.


  1. I can't believe that this guys can treat the mother's of his children this way. You all deserve so much better. :(

  2. You yourself know he won't change. That would take him to make those changes and not the women surrounding him. But if he gets what he wants, then that change will be a long time in coming. It's a pity because you used to have his moments of being a good guy in the past.


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