Friday, June 17, 2016

Day So Far

So far today has been pretty relaxing. There was a minor spurt but that's been settled. We're binging the new season of Orange Is The New Black. Joey and Brit are curled up and hopefully Brit will be able to get a nap in. Unfortunately it looks like we'll be making a trip to Jacksboro tomorrow to get his last check.

Tomorrow morning Dylan and him are going to go pick up a bed. I found one for a decent price and this will help both Joey's back and the pressure Damian is putting on Brit's stomach.We'll be getting a bed frame and full size mattress for $35. I have noticed they both sleep more soundly since sleeping next to one another. This will also free up the living room so I can stay up late and not bother anyone.

We have made a plan for Joey for the future. I am so glad we are finally working as a family. Now if only others would get it through their head that Joey and Brittany are together and happy. They have problems like any other couple but are working through them with communication and happiness.

Life is bliss and I am so thankful that things are finally improving. Brittany and I both are leaving Kris alone. Eventually she'll get bored and move on with her life. She'll leave Joey alone and realize this is only for Andrew and Izzy's sake.

In a little bit he'll be visiting Izzy only for an hour or so then back home to us. Here's to a beautiful day.

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