Sunday, June 19, 2016

Empty Threats

I'm choosing to keep my silence. Had a long conversation with a friend and they helped me to see clarity. Just by keeping my silence it will be enough. You want to say I'm calling you names when all I said was you're a liar because there is no proof that anything happened. I'm completely done feeding into it all the way around. I was called enough names in high school and I refuse to be that person again.

I weigh 200 pounds. I know I'm not small and I have a long way to go but I'm working on it. I am getting into a rhythm and finding myself. It's a process especially after a C-Section.

Want to make stabs then stay away from my home. You can't and will never be able to hurt me. I'm a survivor of many things, most of which you'd never understand nor imagine going through.

I'm choosing to be the bigger person and be the person Joey and Brit became best friends with. Not this insecure, attitude chucking, mood swinging bitch I've become.

I am going to be a watcher and lean on my best friends. Find happiness for both of them and move forward. I'm sorry your life is in such shambles you feel the need to threaten my home. Time for everyone move on and realize there are children involved.

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