Friday, June 17, 2016

End of Day

For the most part today has been relaxing. I've found a few places that Joey can put applications in at, spent time with Ally, and caught up on rest.

My house is taken care of for the evening. Laundry will be started once munchkin calls asleep here shortly.

Right now Brit and I are watching Orange Is The New Black. I blew things out of proportion and now I'm just letting it go. It is what it is and eventually the truth always surfaces.

I've apologized for my disrespectful comments and am letting it be for the night. I've worked really hard to change my tune and I'm not going to fall back into old habits. I'm trying to change for me and nobody else.

When Joey gets home in the morning well be going to pick up the bed. For now, I'm going to work hard to calm down and forget the hurtful remarks that were made.

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