Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Family Time

Since I work Early Bird tonight we decided to get out after a delicious dinner of Chicken Fried Rice. We decided Ally mostly earned a family outing to the swimming pool. Ally had a blast while us adults hung out. Its moments like these that make me miss my relationship with these guys.

 Tomorrow will be prove to be a busy day but my grandma will be taking Ally so I can sleep after work.

I was lucky to get Thursday-Saturday off and can't to spend it with my best friends. I am glad that family is priority number one for Joey and he is doing everything to take care of ours. 

On Saturday pending finances we will going to take Ally to see Finding Dory.  I can't wait for her to find out that we have a surprise in store for her. After the movie we'll probably end up back at the pool. Things have been really smooth here at the house other than the usual house spats. Damian seems to have settled so we don't have to quite worry about little man just yet. You can definitely tell that she is in her last trimester, fatigue seems to be her best friend lately.

Little miss just after she jumped in.

Silly girl posing in her new swim suit. Unfortunately a 3T has become too small but a 4T is still big on her.

Now its time for a short nap before heading in for a long night of work. Here's to fmaily, love drama-free, and friends.

Bright Blessings all.

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  1. Yay! for happy days! Hope you are able to make it to Finding Dory. We are planning to go next week!


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