Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hardening Up

Last night was rough.

I found out a lot happening at work while I've been on my days off. I am such an emotionally driven person that this is tearing at me to see people I've grown close to falling apart.

Then to add to that another close friend broke down to me because they are facing the reality of divorce and affairs.

And my best friend is having problems of his own as well. Our schedules have been so hectic we've missed each other but he was sweet enough to watch Ally while Brit and I went looking for Joey.

Overall it was one emotional night all the way around. My chest pains haven't allowed sleep to find me. I have no clue where Joey is and not knowing if he's safe is killing me.

On the bright side I'm making strides towards happiness for myself. I have a first date tonight and I'm pretty stoked. I haven't been out of the house for myself in a long time. Here's to a relaxing day off and hoping everything stays smooth for this evening.

Time to get awake, shower, and get this house in order before Joey does find his way home. I'm glad I can be there for him and he still wants me to be.

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