Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How It Works

Looks like once again there needs be clarity. I don't allow anything in this house. I am helping someone detox and stay clean. So why would I bring drugs into my house?

This is the petty crap I deal with guys. More empty threats and drama all because I posted a picture I thought was beautiful.

In case you also didn't know you can't just call up to someone's job and say, "hey so I'm pretty sure she's doing drugs."

Drug tests are expensive to request and the only two ways that would happen is if A) My job performance was off and there was reason to believe and B) If I were injured on the job.

This is a drug free house. All that anyone would find here is the occasional Mike's Hard Lemonade. Other than that nothing. But please resort to trying to ruin everyone's day because it isn't going to work.

I am on good terms with Joey and it is staying like that. You don't live here and have no clue what goes on so butt out and please leave our family and house alone. End of story.

Can't just have one peaceful day without immaturity trying to ruin it. Can't wait to check on little man and see if maybe he's trying to come sooner.

Here's to a blessed day and relaxing evening.

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  1. I would lose it if someone called my work place and said that about me!! There is no need to do things like that.


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