Thursday, June 16, 2016

Making It Clear

This is my house. I pay for food, rent, necessities, and the occasional luxury here and there.

Joey is allowed to live here and I've given him the privilege of using my laptop to talk to his daughter and put in applications to find work. It is my internet that I pay for.

I just worked a 10 hour shift. I'm in a fairly decent mood and we were horse playing with Joey. Shoot me then.

Just because the attention wasn't solely focused on you, you get in a knot. The purpose of said video chat is for his daughter and only her. I also told him that he could also use it to be updated on baby Andrew.

Also, don't for a second think it'll ever be okay to show up on my door or try to make it clear that you know where I live. Threatening to make a scene on my doorstep will never be okay.

I am in a state of peace. We've cleared the air and there is a clear path that doesn't involve you except for the children. Back off and see what's done is done.

Stop being a hypocrite and make up your mind. Either you're done or holding onto false hope. Simple.

I'm off to take a much needed nap while Ally gets some time in with my family. Looking forward to spending the rest of my day binging on Sons of Anarchy with my two favorite people. (:

I'm glad some maturity could be found and we could all sit and talk and figure out our next move. It'll be rocky and an adjustment but I'm finally finding inner peace.

Bright Blessings. (:

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