Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Plan

I'm done trying to control things I obviously have no control over. Clearly my laptop will be abused and used to talk to whoever even when it doesn't involve Izzy.

I'm going back to me. Quiet. Not heard. Blog posts will be limited as I previously planned. I've tried being the bigger person but clearly you think just because your sorry self crawled here for him somehow it'll save your relationship.

I'm done caring because all I hear is him typing and you answering lightning fast. Like I said you want to act like his old lady then help him on his feet.

Despite peoples constant needs to cause problems and start drama today was a fairly decent day. Looking forward to getting time with Joey and Brit tomorrow at home. Joey has no plans to leave other than to the pool with Ally and to see about a job to help support his home.

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