Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Way of Being

I love my laptop because blogging is so much easier. I can take my time and let my words just flow. I am feeling much more relaxed about everything. Occasionally I fall off the wagon but lately I've watched first hand how the drama destroys so much. I've deleted my last two blog posts because they aren't directed towards my path of happiness.

I am not feeding into it any longer. 

Joey doesn't deserve the stress. 

Tomorrow morning will be busy. We have to be up early to see about getting Ally's social security card replaced from when my wallet is stolen. I also have to search for a dentist for her so she'll be ready for school to start. Tomorrow's check for him will be short so that will be saved for us to have gas to run on, maybe rent help, and nothing more. I've offered to help if needed with Izzy's necessities as well.  He is trying hard to change and for that I am proud.

I am finally at a place of peace. I am not trying to hurt anyone or start any problems. I see things for how they are and act as I please. My next step is start searching for a vehicle so that way there is nothing that can be held over my head any longer. I will be completely firm on my own two feet.

Once you reach the point of no longer caring and you focus solely on yourself life becomes bliss. I have a very long week coming up of overnight shifts and I won't let drama falter my sleep schedule. Even if everything is crashing around me at least I know I stand firm in my decision to move forwards, not backwards.

I know where I stand with everyone and that's all that matters. The future is unclear but that's okay. I don't know where life is leading but I do know I am finally standing firm and nobody will destroy that.

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  1. Happy for you! This is a great attitude to have :)


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