Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Peace At Last

It is so nice to have internet back. Did I tell you guys? Our finances have finally settled down and bills have been paid. We are able to now afford internet. The only other thing we are wanting for the apartment is a washer/dryer but that will come when the time is right. We truly are a blessed family unit.

I had my moments with my ex where my bitterness, resentment, anger, etc have lashed out. Even though Ally has heard parts of it she hasn't been brought into it directly. I have never allowed to talk ill of her half-sister or K.

At some point you have to realize when enough is enough. When it is time to accept what is and move on. I am actually really happy that J will spending his weekend here instead of Ally going there. The stabs are beyond petty and non-stop.

Self-care involves mental healing. You have to grieve properly and move forward. Stop wasting your breath with lies and name calling.

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  1. I love that quote, so true! Hope you guys have a great weekend!


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