Thursday, June 23, 2016


It's been a long 11 hour shift. Brittany have us a scare and their evening was spent at the ER while I was at work.

Everyone is home now though and I'm ready for these next three days off. Can't wait to spend them with my family.

Family day with Joey on Saturday as long as he doesn't work. Life is bliss and I can't wait until Damian arrives.

Ever since I stopped feeding into everyone's lies, my life has gotten much better. Now time for me to get some sleep since Brit has passed out on Joey.

Bright Blessings all. (:


  1. Has Joey found a job? I hope so. Hope Brittany is doing well.

    1. Brittany is well, Damian seems to be staying put. It looks like he got the job, just waiting on the call to start.


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