Saturday, June 4, 2016


I have a huge obsession with owls and tonight Brit treated to me a lovely new cereal bowl. Slowly but surely my house is showing my eclectic tastes.

Ally is starting learn about getting an allowance and doing things to earn it. Tonight she was rewarded with her first amount and treated herself to a new toy. I am so proud of her big heart and learning responsibility at an early age. She may be spoiled but she is learning the value of hard work.

After a late night of getting groceries we are ending the day (12:30 am) with a steak and baked potato.

It is so wonderful to have my best friend back even if she's turned into a determined gamer. Trying to beat Joeys score before his next visit.

Here's to embracing life and all it has to offer. Here's to a positive life. If you don't like where you are then move on. Nothing is keeping you where you are or forcing you to do anything you don't want.


  1. The bowl is so cute. Good for ally.

  2. Very cute. I have a collection of retro owls myself. So glad to to you have a friend that you can relate to.

  3. Cute bowl!! And good for you for teaching Ally about hard work. A lot of kids don't know what work is!


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