Monday, June 27, 2016

The Day So Far

So far today hasn't been too terrible. There is a minor bump but I'm taking time to calm down before heading back into the house. It will never make sense to me at all where any of this is okay but that's beating on a dead horse it would appear.

Going to head back into the house shortly and try to salvage what is left of today. I hate that I voice my concerns and they get ignored. Know how to fix that?

Really really focus on being seen, not heard. Make sure that I am doing nothing that could cause harm to anyone. I'm done with civility, now it's about survival.

Hoping to have a mommy and me date with Ally Friday because we could both use the time away from everyone.

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  1. That is no fun to live like that :( Hope you and Ally get to have your date on Friday!!


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