Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yet Again

It never fails I'm made out to be a liar. I do everything I can as a friend just to have severe blow back or the usual start up. The same games are being played and it's like nothing has changed. That's okay though because if it doesn't stop, I'll make it stop.

People never change and I should have known better the moment I made my peace and left things alone. But I won't back track. Its always the silent ones you fear.

I won't allow anyone into my thoughts anymore. My next move is very silent.

Tired of it all the way around. If it isn't at home, it's at work. I think I'm going to just sleep this one off.

I'm not going to call anyone out but you know what you just did. Never fails that trashy people will be trashy. Desperation isn't cute. But who know what the lie of the day is.

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