Sunday, July 17, 2016

Amazing Night

Last night was so much fun! Every Friday I try to IHOP with my best friend Connor. We ended up changing our date to Saturday. It turned into a get together of Whataburger family. Brit came with me as well for our last night of freedom so to speak before little man will be joining our adventures. Joey was even sweet enough to babysit Ally. It ended up being Connor, Rodney, Sydney, Jairo, Haileigh, Sara, Brit, and myself. 

We hung out at IHOP for awhile and then headed our separate ways. There are days where the stress is incredible but last night showed me why I have stayed as long as I have at Whataburger. For the relationships I have made. I have become so close to so many people and some people our friendship has strayed but there is always the option for amends to be.

After IHOP Jairo, Connor, Brit, and myself went for a drive to catch Pokemon. It was a blast just driving around and having a karaoke party so to speak. Its been rough not really seeing Connor because our schedules vary so much. So last night was very much needed plus who wouldn't miss a night out with friends?

After our talk the other night and everyone getting their piece out on the table I actually feel much better. The saddest part is the biggest thorn doesn't even live here. Most of the problems that have been stirred up have been due to me feeding into things I have no need to feed into. It was my biggest struggle in Bowie and now that I am focusing just strictly on me, life is much better.

Now we are back to getting along and all very pumped for tomorrow morning even though it is an early start indeed.

Today I am getting back to ME. I am getting back to my work outs, my dieting, and my commitment to myself. I worked to hard to lose all the weight I've already lost and I have no intention of ever gaining it back. Coming from a background of obesity I know the struggle all to well but I stand to be able to the one to make a difference. I just need to believe in myself.

Tomorrow is the day! Joey got the days off and I will be off tomorrow. I work overnight Tuesday and Wednesday but I should at least get to meet little man tomorrow. I have grown so attached in the time that Brit has lived here and while there have been stumbles along the way, nothing can change my love for this little boy.

Ally is super stoked too. She doesn't quite understand that he won't be doing very much playing yet but she is proud nonetheless.

We'll be up at around 4 am to get to the hospital to have the C-Section. I am not sure how long I'll be there seeing as we're borrowing Grandma's car. I am so thankful that Joey will be able to spend the three days at the hospital with Brit because my work and babysitting schedule won't allow it.

If everything goes well Brit could be coming home as early as Tuesday evening. I cannot wait you guys to be an aunt! I know that having a support system is really going to help with the recovery process.

Here's to a relaxing day before work. The Brightest of Blessings lovelies. 

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  1. Glad your household is a happy one again! Enjoy those baby cuddles!!


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