Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's amazing how jealously sparks and anger festers. As I said yesterday I'm not wasting my time in it anymore. If people want to purposely rub things in my face then by all means bring on the next two months of hell. I'm not doing this anymore. I refuse to be disrespected in my home or act differently.

Living with another family is hard and I'm sorry if things are tight. I didn't expect to support three others on my small income.

I expected to take care of Allisun and I but now that's changed and I'm not sure where it's expected of me to be okay with any of this but by all means let's keep up the attitude slinging, shady convos.

Me? I'm going to focus on Ally. We register her for school on Monday and start enforcing bedtime. Its time to get in that mode and for things to go back to normal.

My body is fighting me and telling me I haven't slept enough so back to bed I go. Glad I don't go back until 11 and I'm off tomorrow.

Brightest Blessings. (:


  1. I really can't imagine going through what you are going through. Hugs!


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