Friday, July 29, 2016


I'm at a point where I find life amusing. The lack of consideration to others schedules. The fact that you're going to a place where the grandchildren hardly get to visit and while I understand this time due to car troubles it's still unfair.

I never just assume my family will be home to take of care of something for me. I ask them when they're free and make a plan.

I've had my share of problems with my family but we always come around eventually. If it wasn't for my mother in law my pregnancy would have been way scarier and now that Ally is showing her gifted side I'm glad to gave someone that can explain it to me.

I've never demanded my family do anything or thrown a tantrum because it wasn't done. Heads up, adult life doesn't require you to blame your family when shit doesn't flow the way you want it to.

As I've learned the hard way gratitude goes a long way and bragging never gets you far in life. You act like there should be jealousy because you're getting your car fixed and he's heading home to watch Ally. Why be jealous over him fixing your car?

On another note, today has been fairly peaceful. I've had many cuddles with Ally and she'll be off for a sleepover at 6 tonight. I'm glad my parents are able to take her because she's missed them.

We've all napped and now are back up and about. Time to enjoy a few more hours before I'm off to work and Ally is off to grandma's and papa's.9

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